Skross Combo World to South Africa travel adapter

SKU ‎SKR1500202-1-1
  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs (2- & 3-pole)
  • Input plugs: Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, UK, USA/Japan, Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro), Australia/China
  • Output plugs: South Africa, Europe (Schuko)
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V
  • Max. load: 16 A
  • Power rating: e.g. 100 V – 1600 W / 250 V – 4000 W
  • Does not convert voltage

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You want to spot the Big Five or just want to experience Cape Town and its stunning surroundings? Furthermore, you often travel to Europe? Then this country adapter will be your perfect companion!